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NEW DVD SET (In-stock and available now)

For most of the 1970s and 1980s Ford was the best-selling tractor on the UK market. The Farming with Ford DVDs focus on Ford tractors still hard at work on British farms during 2018. Although not intended to be a full history of Ford tractors, most ranges from 1970-1995 are represented with over 50 tractors shown in total.

Particular attention is given to the legendary 7810, highly regarded for its high power to weight ratio as a lightweight 6-cylinder tractor and an extremely popular model both when new and today. Farming with Ford features seven blue examples and two Silver Jubilee versions.

Jam-packed with the sights and sounds of classic blue iron hard at work, these DVDs are essential viewing for any true Ford enthusiast. Due for release December 2018.

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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery is exactly what the title suggests. This two-part DVD series looks at the machinery on the Saunders family’s 300-acre traditional mixed farm in Norfolk. All of the work is carried out using a 14-strong fleet of sought-after classics which come together to form a fascinating and unique story as we follow the farm through the seasons.

John Deere is the favoured brand, represented by an 1140, 2040, 2130, 2040, 3140, 6400 and 6420S, and they’re joined by a couple of David Browns in the form of an 880 and 990. A couple of vintage tractors are also still used in anger, with an Allis Chalmers B and Fordson E27N Major each playing their part. Other machinery on the farm includes a John Deere 1075 combine, Whitlock 308 digger and Sanderson GX525 telehandler...

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Project 55 is the amazing and exclusive story of how the full set of John Deere 55-series tractors (4055, 4255, 4455, 4755, 4955) were gathered together and used for a year on a Suffolk farm for a year mostly matched with period implements. This is believed to be the first time since they were manufactured that the full set has been brought together, at least in the UK anyway. Well-regarded back in the day, the tractors have now developed something of a cult following for their bullet-proof reliability and rock-solid mechanical design without all of today’s electronics – true gutsy old school power at its best.

Action packed with some epic scenes and sounds of modern classic power at work. Coupled with the latest filmmaking techniques this DVD really stands out as something special and is a must for any John Deere enthusiast...

***In stock and available now***

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