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This DVD, Part one, covers the development of beet harvesters from 1960 to the mid-1990s. It documents the changes, firstly, from trailed single-row side-elevator harvesters on to multi-row trailed machines, deals with early self-propelled harvesters and finally with the more recent six-row tanker machines.

We justifiably claim the Beet Harvesters in Britain Part One and Two programmes to be 'the most thorough on beet harvesters ever'. In total, some 75 machines are featured over the two parts, which include examples from almost all the beet harvester manufacturers whose machines sold in the UK in recent decades. The majority of the machines are shown at work in all weathers on farms, and were filmed specifically for this programme by Chris Lockwood.

Beet Harvesters in Britain Part One 1960-1995 DVD

Running Time: 105 mins approx.
ISBN: 978-1-9083972-7-0
DVD Region Code: Region 2
First Released: 2012
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Beet Harvesters in Britain Part One and Part Two set
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Machines featured in this DVD:
Catchpole Cadet
Armer Salmon Cougar
Cebeco ZA 215 EH
Garford Victor
Holmer KRBS
Italo Svizzera HM190id
Matrot MT05F 225 (1979)
Matrot MT05F 225 (1986)
Matrot M31 Electronic
Matrot M41 Electronic
Matrot M41H Electronic (1993)
Moreau AT64
Moreau GR4
Moreau GR4 Mk II
Moreau Lectra 4005
Ransomes Catchpole Super Cadet Ransomes 33A tanker
Ransomes Hunter
Rational Nova Hydro 2
Riecam RBM 230
Riecam RBM 300
TIM SR 1800
Standen Rapide
Standen Rapide Tanker Mk II
Standen Rapide Tanker Mk3A
Standen Turbobeet
Standen Cyclone Mk III
Standen Cyclone Mk IV
Standen Tornado
Standen Challenger SP6
Stoll V202
Vervaet & Heyens 12-T
Vervaet 17-T (1994)
Vicon-Steketee Super



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